People who claim Oxford, Kansas, as their hometown; or those who are living or have lived in Oxford are:

Dave Parks, Country Singer     
Parks County Music

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Jerry Wallace, historian, archivist, and writer.
Jerry grew up in small Midwestern towns. Early on, thanks to his father, he developed a lasting interest in American history. He went on to earn a B.A. and M.A. degrees in the field. After serving in the Peace Corps (Thailand) and U.S. Army (Viet-Nam), he worked as an archivist for the National Archives for thirty years. Among his specialties was determining which Federal records warranted permanent retention for documentary purposes. During this time, he served as the historian-archivist for three presidential inaugural committees. In 1999, Jerry retired and, with his wife, Delia, moved to Oxford, a community meeting perfectly their liking for small town life.
As a historian, his primary focus is on the 1920’s, one of the most exciting and vital times in American history, and President Calvin Coolidge, who presided over the decade. Since coming to Kansas, he has also developed a deep interest in local history, which he finds full of interesting and inspiring people whose stories await to be told. He serves on the board of the Cowley County Historical Society and on the planning committee for the annual Celebrate Winfield History Day Conference. He is a former trustee of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation and is now a member of its National Advisory Board. Jerry has published numerous articles and essays on the 1920’s and local history. He has contributed to the history of early radio and the modern presidency with his book, Calvin Coolidge: Our First Radio President (2008). Today, Jerry spends most of his time in researching, writing, and advising and assisting in historical matters.