Resolution No. 310
Resolution Establishing Fees and Regulations For
Camping in Napawalla and Cave Park,
In The City of Oxford, Kansas;
Amending Resolution No.207.
              Section 1.     That for the privilege of Camping in Napawalla Park and Cave Park in the City of Oxford, Kansas, there is hereby established and there shall be charged and collected the following fees:
A. Napawalla Park: Campers who make a connection with
    the electric system of the City will pay eight dollars per day;
B. Napawalla Park: Campers who do not make a connection
    with the electric system of the City will pay three dollars and fifty  
    cents per day;

C. Cave Park: Primitive overnight camping will be allowed in
    designated areas of the park, at no charge. Adult
    campers and juvenile campers who are accompanied
    by an adult, will be exempt from the curfew of
    Cave park;

D. Exemption from such fees or any part of this Resolution
    thereof may be granted by the governing body of
    the City on special occasions or due to special
              PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that no person shall be permitted to camp in Napawalla Park for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days, and at least 15 days, and at least 15 days shall elapse between the 14 day periods during which camping is permitted.
              The term “day” as used in this Resolution shall mean any part of a period of 24 consecutive hours, known as a calendar day. The term “overnight” shall mean for one night only.
              Section 2. Fees herein established shall be paid at the Office of the City Clerk or elsewhere to any duly authorized agent of the City.
              Section 3. The governing body may authorize any person to act as agent for the City for the purpose of collecting and remitting to the City Clerk fees herein established for camping in Napawalla Park, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that such agent shall be entitled to such percentage of each fee collected as may be agreed upon in writing by the City and the person so authorized to collect such fees.
              This Resolution shall become effective January 1, 2008
ADOPTED by Council this 6th day of November, 2007.
                                                                               Mayor Chad Bartelson

Betty Oliver, City Clerk