City Council Meetings are held at the City Office, 115 S. Sumner, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month at 7 PM.


David Olmsted, Mayor
Rick Bain, Councilmember -Swimming Pool, Farm, Airport, First Responders
Ryan Bain, Councilmember -Electric
Tom Lowry, Councilmember -Streets, Parks, Economic Development
Loren Schleining, Councilmember- Sewer & Refuse
Brian Mayfield, Councilmember - Water

City Office

John Cooney - City Clerk
Tresa Tong - City Treasurer & Court Clerk
Teresa Denning - Utility Billing Clerk

Utility Department

Robert Spoon - Electric, Swimming Pool and Airport Superintendent

Patrick Kopfer - Water and Sewer Superintendent & Compliance Officer

Joshua Cooney - Parks and Streets Superintendent

Police Department


Kirk Ives, Chief of Police

Rob Diericks, Patrolman

Clint Prochaska, Patrolman

Barbara Black, Clerk

Part-Time Officers:
        Paul Jones

     Forrest Schultz

Michael Pickens