Board of Zoning Appeals
To hear and decide appeals of the zoning regulations where it is alleged there is an error in the decision of the Zoning Administrator.
To authorize a variance from the zoning regulations.
To grant exceptions to the zoning regulations.
To grant special use permits that maintains compliance with the health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare of the community.
The decisions of the BZA can attach appropriate conditions, reverse or affirm the issuance of a permit, or modify the decision of the Zoning Administrator.
The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) has quasi-judicial powers and their decision can only be turned by District Court, within 15 days after the date of the filing the decision of the BZA, after an appeal is submitted by the applicant.
The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) consists of 7 members. One member shall be a current member of the Oxford Planning Commission. All members shall be appointed for a 3 year term and service without compensation. The meeting of the board shall be held at the call of the chairperson or when an appeal has been filed in the office of the Oxford City Clerk.
Library Board
To make and adopt rules and regulations for the administration of the library.
With the approval of the governing body of the municipality, to purchase or lease a site or sites and to lease or erect a building or building for the using of the library.
To acquire by purchase, gift or exchange- books, magazines, papers, printed materials, videos, pictures, films, projection equipment, DVDs, audio books, and other materials and equipment deemed necessary by the board for the maintenance and extension of modern library services.
To employ a librarian (library director) and such other employees as are deemed necessary and to set their salaries.
To establish and maintain a library or libraries and traveling library service within the municipality or within any other municipality with which service contract arrangement have been made.
To contract with other legally established libraries or with the governing body of a musicality not maintaining a library for the furnishings of library service to its inhabitants, and to contract with any school board to furnish library service to any school library or to use the library facilities of the public school to supplement the facilities of the public library.
To receive, accept, and administer any state or federal grants given for the purpose of adding or providing library service.
To receive and accept any gift or donation to the library and administer it according to any provision which may be specified.
To make annual reports to the State Librarian and the governing body of the municipality with statistical information for the preceding year, showing receipts and disbursements of all funds under its control, information relating to library materials acquired and on hand, number of library users, library services and other information as may be required.
To place money received for library purposes from sources other than a tax levy in a separate fund or funds, unless otherwise specified by the grantor or donor.
The Library Board meets monthly on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month. Annually the board shall elect a chair, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Planning Commission
To develop and maintain a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Regulations for the City of Oxford.
These tools in turn are designed to:
Encourage continued development of businesses and industries which will promote economic stability, increase the local tax base, and improve employment opportunities for citizens of the area.
Maintain and enhance the Central Business District.
Strengthen and expand tourism and travel related development.
Promote additional residential development as an economic tool.
Maintain an adequate supply of structurally sound, visually pleasing housing units in attractive neighborhoods consistent with citizen’s needs and desires.
Promote development and maintenance of quality residential neighborhoods.
Encourage maximum private sector participation in the process of housing and neighborhood improvements.
Develop and maintain a balanced and flexible transportation system throughout the city which provides for safe, equitable, and efficient movement of people and goods to all parts of the community.
Promote continued diversification and improvement in all aspects of human services.
Maintain high quality public safety services facilities.
Provide appropriate public utilities in all areas of the community.
Maintain effective, convenient, and orderly distribution of public facilities throughout the city.
Influence efficient and compatible expansion patterns in all categories of land use.
Maintain a quality living environment in all areas of the community.
Establish and maintain open space in sufficient quantity and quality, and at such
Locations as necessary and desirable to provide outdoor recreation, to conserve natural resources, and to preserve areas of a special cultural interest.
Maintain a safe, healthful, and pleasant living environment in all areas of the present and future community.
The planning commission consists of 7 members. A member’s term is for 3 years. All members of the commission shall serve without compensation. The commission meets once a month the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.
Park Board
The board shall make rules and regulations for the care and government of all city parks. They shall further advise and furnish such information to the governing body of the city as may be required and shall make an annual report of all its proceedings and the condition of the parks of the city to the governing body in the month of January of each year. All rules and regulations shall be made subject to the approval of the governing body of the city. 
The park board shall be composed of 7 members who shall serve without compensation. One member shall be the park commissioner for the City of Oxford. The park superintendent for the City of Oxford will also serve as an ex officio member of the board. A Chairman of the Board shall be elected from within the 7 member board. The remaining five members of the board shall be appointed by the Oxford City Council with three members being residents of the City of Oxford and two members being “at large” representatives. The term of office shall be for two years. Three members shall be appointed in odd numbered years and four in even numbered years.